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We want to ensure your satisfaction to the fullest, so we offer a 30-day window for you to decide whether it's worth it for you or not. If you decide it's not worth it for you, simply contact our team within that timeframe, and we'll refund 100% of your invested money. No red tape or difficulties!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your results will vary according to how quickly you try the techniques in real life. If you are the kind of person who buys books and doesn’t read them, then you probably won’t get much out of this system. You really need to read every page, follow the teachings, take what you learn, and apply it in real life with real women.

This system is not magic, but behavioral science. It depends on your commitment and determination.

In a few days, once the techniques start working and you start dating more and more women, you become more confident and really master the workings of the female mind.

That’s where the real turning point is, because it makes you a totally different person, living a totally different life, because they are the ones who will start running after you! And you literally have to do nothing but send a few messages and hit send.

One thing is for sure: in less than 1 month, you will date at least three times as many women as you are used to. It’s either that or we make it a point to return your investment in the training.

In less than 2 minutes you will be directed to a private members area, where you can access and download all the material via cell phone or computer.

It is extremely important that you do not share your access, much less the content, which is protected by copyright.

We are not the ones who will charge your card, the HOTMART company is. Only this will appear on your card bill – HOTMART, which is a course hosting company with thousands of customers, operating in the market since 2011. 

Your credit card information is absolutely secure, which means that there is no way that this private and sensitive information can be accessed by third parties.

The techniques were developed to fit any type of situation that you have at hand. With the power to dominate and direct the desires and thoughts that are going on in her head, it doesn’t matter if she knows you, if you are in a friendzone, or if you have had a relationship with her before.

You can use it to get back with your ex, to date a new girl, to have sex with countless women, or even to fuck that hot neighbor of yours who never gave you any moral support.

This absurd addiction that you plant in her subconscious spreads to every fiber of her body, and it becomes only a matter of time before she runs into your arms.

Soon after clicking the button, you just need to fill in your data and wait for the confirmation e-mail with your login and password. After that you just have to start applying the techniques with the woman you want! 

You have a 30-day guarantee, plus support on WhatsApp in case of doubts, so there’s no chance of it going wrong.

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